The purpose of the Tri-County Cooperative Weed Management Area is to facilitate cooperation among all land managers and landowners to manage a common problem with noxious weeds. Our mission being to serve as responsible stewards of the land and resources in the state of Oregon by protecting and preserving all lands and resources in the tri-county area from the degrading impact of exotic, invasive noxious weeds.


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Download here our list of contractors for 2017

The 2017 Spring and Summer was filled with helicopter applications, outreach programs, contractor inspections, and much more throughout Wallowa, Union, and Baker County.

Contractor: Leading Edge Aviation

For those interested in learning how to calibrate backpack sprayers or ATV sprayers, click on the links below.


All are welcome to attend the Audit Meeting held in La Grande at the OSU Conference Room on January 23rd at 10:00am

The 2018 Tri-County Budget was offically passed on December 5th. 

Please check out the budget on the linked budget and budget narrative!

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Tri-County CWMA is accepting proposal bids  auditing services .  Proposal bids are due by the deadline of February 15, 2018. Tri-County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 

For all information, click on the link: Request for Proposal.

Questions?  Please contact Tri-County.